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PLEASE don't call the vets listed here to ask for free advice.  Instead, make an appointment for your animal.  One very good rat vet asked to have his name removed from a referral list because so many people who were unwilling to take their animal to the clinic kept calling him for advice when he was extremely busy.  We don't want that to happen again. Please be respectful of the vets on this list.




Tiny Toes Rat Rescue of New Mexico doesn't make guarantees about the quality of care the veterinarians on this list will provide for your animal(s). This is merely a list of veterinarians who have stated they do treat rats. It's up to you to contact the clinic to ask about the veterinarian's background and experience prior to taking your animal for treatment. When possible, we will provide information on background and experience.



Rat Friendly Vets

New Mexico




Dr. Daniel Levenson

Southwest Veterinary Medical Center

10141 Coors Blvd. N.W., Suite A

(505) 890-8810


Dr. Eric Cassman and Dr. Riegger

Northwest Animal Clinic

1000 Alameda Boulevard N.W.

(505) 898-1491


Dr. Gavin Kennard - Ophthalmologist

Eye Care For Animals
8427 Alameda Park Drive, Suite C
(505) 292-3600


Dr. Julia P. Skains and Dr. Linda Bingham

Good Shepherd Animal Clinic

4601 Menaul Blvd., N.E.

(505) 884-3200


Dr. Kariana Atkinson

Petroglyph Animal Hospital

6633 Caminito Coors N.W.

(505) 898-8874


Dr. Barns and Dr. Mazzolini

Rio Bravo Veterinary Hospital

240 Rio Bravo S.E.

(505) 877-8370


Dr. Theresa Lee

Wagon Tails Animal Clinic

(505) 585-5085




Dr. Katie Larsen and Dr. Lawrence Young

Artesia Animal Clinic

110 W. Mahone

(575) 748-2042


Dr. Stephanie Simons

Critter Care Center

609 W. Richardson

(575) 736-8888


Bosque Farms


Dr. Vivian Cimbal and Dr. Samantha McKinney

Bosque Animal Clinic

755 Country Lane

(505) 869-288




Dr. Ziehmn and Dr. Mares (both have pet rats of their own)

Carlsbad Animal Clinic

103 E. Blodgett Street

(575) 993-5752




Dr. Zoe Donaldson

High Desert Veterinary Clinic

2900 J Street

(575) 544-0460




Dr. Kathleen Ramsay

Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic

7 Shady Lane

(505) 753-3790




Dr. Beth Lowman

Dr. Nicole Shevokas

San Juan Veterinary Hospital

167 South Browning Parkway

(505) 326-2205


Dr. Darren Woodson

Dr. Margie Alvarez-Woodson

Dr. Shiela Noyes

Valley Veterinary Clinic

4390 East Main

(505) 326-2237




Dr. Becky Anderson

Lobo Canyon Animal Hospital

1212 Lobo Canyon Road

(505) 387-2806




Dr. Keith Cloward

Dal Paso Animal Hospital

1830 N. Dal Paso

(575) 397-2286


Dr. Rachel Redd and Dr. Mark Justice

Double J Animal Hospital

2804 S. Eunice Hwy., Hobbs

(575) 738-0143 and 738-0147


Dr. J.R. Kuitu

Great Plains Veterinary Clinic and Hospital

2720 N. Lovington Highway

(575) 392-5513


Dr. Donald Newman

Hobbs Animal Clinic

3300 N. Dal Paso

(575) 392-5563




Dr. Kaythyn Bartlett, DMV

Caprock Vet Clinic

523 S. Avenue C

(575) 359-1513


Rio Rancho


Dr. George Abernathy

Sunrise Veterinary Clinic

132 Rio Rancho Boulevard

(505) 892-6538

We DO recommend Dr. Abernathy. He has treated Tiny Toes Rat Rescue rats. We love him and he is excellent!


Dr. Michael Melloy

Coronado Pet Hospital

4192 Highway 528 N.E.

(505) 771-3311

Available half day Monday's and Wednesday's




Dr. Smith and Dr. Wenner

Smith Animal Clinic

1209 S. Union Avenue

(575) 623-4100


Santa Fe


Dr. Jennifer Kendrick

Santa Fe Animal Hospital
521 South St. Francis Drive

(505) 820-2232


Dr. Diego Sanchez, Dr Julie Breer and Dr. Julie Blossom

Smith Veterinary Clinic

600 Alta Vista Street

(505) 982-4418


Silver City


Dr. Deidre Wilmeth

Gila Animal Clinic

2435 Highway 180 East

(575) 388-2581




Dr. Jean Corey

Tucumcari Animal Hospital

101 N. Tenth Street

(877) 824-7628

Veterinarians Listed Alphabetically

By State Then By City





Dr. Kari Christianson

North Country Veterinary

367 N. Main Street, Suite 8, Eagar

(928) 333-3299

Listed are known rat vets in states near New Mexico borders because they may actually be closer for some New Mexico residents than New Mexico based clinics.



Coming Soon!



Coming Soon!



Denver City


Dr. Dorothy Hornback

Denver City Veterinary Clinic

1708 Plains Hwy., Denver City

(806) 592-2492

El Paso

Coronado Animal Clinic

6328 N. Mesa Street

(915) 581-3327

Dr. Mark Lenox

Crossroads Animal Hospital

4910 Crossroards Drive

(915) 584-3459

Dr. Nancy Harvey

Country Club Animal Clinic

5470 Doniphan Drive, Suite A-2

(915) 833-0645

Desert East Animal Hospital

11635 Pellicano Drive

(915) 519-4685

East El Paso Animal Hospital

3370 Wedgewood Drive

(915) 593-1712

Mesa Veterinary and Paws 'N Hooves

5355 N. Mesa Street

(915) 584-4491

Dr. Dashley

TLC Animal Hospital

1851 Lee Trevino Drive

(915) 519-4702




Dr. Oden

Above and Beyond Pet Care Hospital

11302 Indiana Avenue, Lubbock, TX

(806) 792-7297





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Coming Soon!

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