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Litter Pan Training


Rats are clean animals so they usually accept litter pans; however, they may not use it 100% of the time. Rats designate a specific toilet location in their cage so simply place a small litter box in that location. In the beginning of litter box training your rats will still poop and pee outside the box. When they do, simply pick up the poop and place it in the litter box. By doing so you are letting your rats know where their new toilet is. Be consistent though and pick up the poop and place it in the litter box every time you see it outside the litter box. Rats are very smart so with consistency they will quickly learn. With this method our rats are trained within 2-3 days. Having your rats use a litter keeps the cage tidier, makes cage cleaning easier, and helps contain odor. Choosing the right litter is very important. Paper-based products such as Yesterday's News is ok, but we prefer "safe if ingested" products like wheat litter for small animals. Clay litters and clumping cat litters are NOT safe for rodents ever. At Tiny Toes Rat Rescue we use Critter Litter brand litter and the rats like it.

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