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Adopting Pets Vs. Buying Them - Stop and Think


We respectfully ask you to consider a huge worldwide problem and that is the sale of animals. When a person purchases an animal from a pet store or private breeder, they are condoning the unethical practice of animal breeding and supporting those whose only interest is making money. Profiting off the lives of animals, as breeders do, is reprehensible and shows no regard for the plight of homeless and shelter animals. Until there is a home for every last shelter animal, there is no rightful place in a civilized society for animal breeding of any kind. Those who work to create more animals, when there are not enough homes for animals alive now, are a disgrace. If you are even considering the purchase of an animal, please STOP and think about the far reaching consequences your decision will hold. Ask yourself if you could look into the eyes of a shelter animal and say, “you are unworthy of a home so I’ll just go buy one that is the color I want or has the ears I like.” Together we can STOP the wheel of animal exploitation and abuse from turning. Stand up for animals by adopting them from shelters and rescue groups, whether ours or another. Be a voice for animals just by making humane choices and boycotting those businesses and individuals who just see dollar signs when they breed and sell animals. Thank you on behalf of animals.

Adopting from Us - The First Step...Things You Need To Consider


Well, hello there. I need a home. Are you thinking about adopting me? Great! But you need to know that I am a forever pet - not an until pet! I am not an “until you get bored” pet, not a “until you find a boyfriend or girlfriend” pet, not a “until you graduate from college” pet, not a “until I get old” pet, not a “until I develop health problems and need to see a vet” pet, not a “until you have to move” pet, not a “until you have a baby” pet, not a “until you get a new animal” pet, and not an "until you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend or are going through a divorce" pet. If you cannot promise to love me, treat me with respect and gentleness, provide me with the companionship of other same sex same species pets, take me out of my cage for at least an hour each day so I can spend time with you, give me a big safe cage with things to make it warm and cozy, feed me healthy food with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables daily, make sure that I always have plenty of fresh water, see to it that I have veterinary care as needed, and promise me forever, then I am not your pet. Even though you think I am cute (and I am), please don’t be selfish and ask to adopt me. Instead, think of what is best for ME and let me continue to live where I do now - at a place where I have been promised all of these things and forever.

Adopting Pets - The Next Step


If you can provide a loving and stable forever home, then please open your home and heart to some adorable rescued pets. We have both male and female rats available for adoption, sometimes mice, and sometimes gerbils. We ask for a minimum donation of $15.00 per pet. We are a non-profit animal charity and depend on donations to support the rescued animals in our care. If you are interested in adopting, the first step is to complete our Application for Adoption and Adoption Contract forms. These forms are on this page in Adobe format so you can easily complete them on your computer and email them back to us at OR send them to Tiny Toes Rat Rescue of New Mexico at Post Office Box 67571, Albuquerque, NM 87193. For the Application for Adoption click the green paperclip above and for the Adoption Contract click the gray paperclip above. Thank you!




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Tiny Toes Rat Rescue

of New Mexico, Inc.


a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue


Just because they're tiny doesn't mean they're disposable

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